• Greenland Tower Chengdu is inspired by glistening glaciers and looks like one too!

  • greenland-tower-chengdu-1If Superman ever gave up his day job as a journalist, moved to China and finally revealed his superhero identity, this is probably where he’d live. Called the Greenland Tower Chengdu, this structure is currently under construction and will soon be the tallest building in south-western China. What sets it apart from the breath-taking skyscrapers you’ve been looking up at is its jaw-dropping glass crystal-like façade. The building will stand 486-meters high and was designed by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill. Inspired by sparkling glaciers, the building will be lit up with LEDs at night to emphasize its crystalline form.

    The building is located at the center of Chengdu’s booming Dongcun district and symbolizes the city’s growth and promising future. Quoting the studio and the brains behind it all, “Like the mountain ridges reflecting the light of the sky and the valleys reflecting light from the earth, the iconic tower will perform as a light sculpture to diffuse light from 360 degrees, creating a connection between sky and earth.” With a total building area of 395,305 square meters, this 100 storey building will be completed in 2018.





    [Via – Inhabitat]

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