• German designers create the lavish Froschkönig tree house

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    Luxury is no longer limited to just your lavish indoors. German designers have taken luxury to new heights (literally) with their unique project, the Froschkönig tree house. A design masterpiece, this amazing tree house is an architectural delight. Located in a small private garden in Münster this space hovers above a flat pool, framed by eight Asymmetrical arranged high bamboo stilts. The visitors must walk across 3 natural-stone steps between water-lilies to reach the stair case to this tress house. The curved cabin in the middle of the pool is covered with zinc-sheet and-wood lamellas of Tatajuba underneath. Sunlight shines through the large windows on each side of the cabin. There is also a sky roof in the form of a large rooftop-window lying above the pallet surface. The minimalistic interior adds to the charm of this space whose walls, floor and furniture are white ash-glazed in color. The drawers under the bed provide storage space in this simple tree home.

    A great design, it is sure to attract a lot of visitors.

    Topics: Building Tags: on August 21, 2009

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