• Fully functional home covering 33 square meters, the SustenHOME

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    As time flies by, the homes we live in are getting smaller. Talking about small homes, we came across a neatly packed living space that doesn’t take up too much of space, and makes sure you don’t lose out on any creature comforts either. Known as the SustenHOME, this one was designed by Héctor Alcalá and has a floor plan of just 33 square meters. Well, the little space it takes up doesn’t stop it from boasting out loud a living room type area, a kitchen, a bathroom, a closet and a bedroom too. And the best part, it’s foldable. Just like those tents we learned to assemble at Boy Scouts, the SustenHOME folds up from flat surface. Now it does have a pretty confusing shape, and we found it difficult figuring out which was the front end.

    The little space it takes to pack in all the facilities one would look for in a home does amaze us though. A great design by Héctor Alcalá.

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