• Floating homes in the Halong Bay area in Vietnam

  • 22.JPGThe Halong Bay area in Vietnam is home to 1600 inhabitants, none of whom have access to proper housing, though the area is a popular tourist destination. Family life in this area suffers, due to lack of space and adequate room. An average family living in this area uses just 10-15sqm of land for their residence, which really is incredibly low. Well, to solve their woes, an entry at the THE SELF-SUFFICIENT CITY: Envisioning the habitat of the future contest seems just right. Organized by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and HP, the project aims at creating a hexagonal floating community. Using bamboo for construction, a foam float system will be built, whereupon a double layer module of 450m of bamboo will be supported.

    The first storey will have room for a dining room, kitchen, bedroom and toilet, while the space above will have two bedrooms. These houses will be connected to other ones with a self sufficient design involving a house, a farm, a library, a pond, a school or a clinic and using solar panels for generating electricity and rainwater harvesting for fresh-water supply. This project, if taken up, will be a relief to the people of Vietnam’s Halong Bay.

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