• Floating villages could soon play home to mankind!

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    For all of you whining about the fact that superyachts aren’t as big as you’d like them to be, get a hold of this! Dutch engineering and urban development company DeltaSync recently rethought the way modern-day settlements are built and teamed the concept of a village with that of a luxury yacht to come up with this, real-life floating villages that could turn us, land-dwellers, into sea-faring folk! Called Seasteads, these structures will sport apartments with sea-facing views, rain-water-harvesting, solar energy generation and more.

    Funded by a US non-profit organization, the project has been initiated with hopes of resolving land-crunch issues by turning water-surfaces into inhabitable spaces. While this may not be the first time human-kind has attempted inhabitation of the sea, the effort seems a little more practical, given the fact that technology and architectural design has now reached new heights, literally.






    [Via – Independent]

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