• Egg shaped house on wheels for a three-figure-sum!

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    Need to move out? Unable to find a place for yourself with the money in your wallet? Well, here’s a solution to all your dwelling woes, for just a three-figure sum. A do-it-yourself home that will forever be close to your working space, given that it has wheels and can be moved around, this home was designed by Dai. Now there isn’t too much inside, and if you’re used to all those creature comforts you had back home, this one might just disappoint you. Complete with basics like a bed, a lamp and a water tank inside, this one could just be a better place to live for those who’re reduced to living on the streets.

    Made from burlap bags, layered over a waterproof membrane that keeps natural elements away, the little egg-shaped home could be a safer place to live for the underprivileged too.

    Topics: Building Tags: on March 2, 2011

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