• Eco-city by Eriksson Architects in China, a shift from the ordinary

  • At first, we thought we’d stumbled across an alien settlement of sorts. In truth, this is the design by Helsinki-based design studio, Eriksson Architects for an eco-settlement in the Mentougou Eco Valley in China. Currently awaiting permission from the Chinese government, the project still has to step over legal red tape. Once done, this will be an eco-silicon valley in itself and will use different types of raw materials, unlike the conformist architecture, making the city unique. The city will span a 100 square meters and will include nine environmental research institutes and companies, one city center and several smaller residential villages with enough roof for 50,000 people!

    Blending in beautifully and perfectly with nature, this eco-city is unlike any we’ve seen before, shifting away from the usual block structures to fascinating shapes. Wei Lieh Lee’s Gazebo chess set, developed in collaboration with Kevin O’Callaghan, literally turns the game on its head. Taking the extra time to move and appreciate the beauty of the suspended pieces only further reinforces the slow, careful nature of chess.


    Topics: Building, Featured Tags: on March 31, 2011
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