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    Smashing bottles or tossing them in a bin isn’t as attractive as building a home using them, or at least that’s what the designers of these buildings thought. Why use those boring old bricks and stones when you could stack up bottles and live inside instead! Using wine bottles, beer bottles and water bottles that we discard, these buildings have sprung up from the ground. Take the Earthship houses for example. The main building material used for these completely self-sufficient homes were bottles. Earthship Biotecture volunteers in Haiti are using bottles and old tires to build houses. That’s not all. The Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew Buddhist temple was constructed out of over a million recycled beer bottles. Brown Chang bottles and green Heineken were used. The aipei EcoARK, created for a Taipei exposition, uses POLLI-Bricks made from 1.5 million plastic bottles. An Argentinean family built a home from bottles and has christened it ’La Casa de Botellas’ or the ‘The Ecological Bottle House’ with furniture and a playhouse built too.

    Talk about recycling, this sure seems to be a great way to put to use all those discarded bottles, besides smashing them that works as a great stress buster.

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