• Bus shelters from around the globe go cooler than the rest

  • Bus stops more often than not are built to conform and leave out any imagination when it comes to design. We on the other hand spotted a bunch of bus stops sprinkled all over the world that are set apart from the rest, a paradigm shift away from the conventional boring bus stop. While Konagai, Japan sports a giant strawberry and a watermelon that works as a waiting area for bus passengers, King County Metro’s bus station at North 46th Street and Phinney Avenue North packs a touch of wildlife. Dubai on the other hand plays home to air-conditioned bus shelters that more often than not malfunction due to doors being left open. And that’s not all. We’ve come across bus shelters shaped like school buses, stone houses, fully upholstered living rooms and glass cages too, leading us to believe that these usually ignored architectural pieces could indeed turn into works of art with a little creativity and innovation!


    Topics: Building Tags: , on July 17, 2012
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