• Bladeless windmill installed by Mecanoo Architects and the Delft University of Technology

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    The world is quickly realizing the need for green-energy solutions and is desperately trying to decrease its complete reliance on fossil fuels. Recently, we came across yet another attempt to go green in an artful way, an installation by Mecanoo Architects and the Delft University of Technology. A bladeless windmill in essence, this concept is installed at the front of the faculty building dedicated to engineering, mathematics and computer science and is an electrostatic wind energy converter.

    The prototype uses a steel frame structure that uses particle movement to generate energy. To do this, electrically charged water droplets are transferred across a bipolar field by wind. This in turn creates a current that is transmittable to a grid! The technology is indeed revolutionary and is still in its pre-natal stages. We wouldn’t mind seeing more of these around the world and the technology develop for the betterment of mankind!




    [Via – Designboom]

    Topics: Building Tags: on April 3, 2013
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