• A Japanese home to die for, and die in

  • Japan.jpgNo-one can foresee his death. There are those who plan just how they’d like to die though, and the things they’d like to take with them back to paradise. Take this Japanese man for example, whose house will last just as long as he does, probably for the next 15 years. With architects Eastern Design Office, this man had himself built a hospice where he’d just die happily. Located at the Ise Penninsula on Japan’s east coast, this black paint coated home faces the east, away from the sunset. The polygonal windows signify butterflies, a symbolism for the ever after. The home is small, and we certainly think the idea is somewhat creepy, to design the home you’d die in.

    Well, this Japanese man chose this beautifully designed residence for his death, though it certainly would be a great place to spend a lot more time in too!

    Topics: Building Tags: on September 14, 2010

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