• A house beneath the stairs in Shimane, Japan

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    Beautifully designed stairs at home do add the aesthetic value of your living space. Here’s a house that takes its stairs really seriously. Now you might’ve come across closets being built beneath the stairs. You probably might never have heard of a house built beneath the stairs though. And that’s exactly what we stumbled across in Japan. The house, located in Shimane, Japan, is an architectural masterpiece. The house is shaped like stairs, with the gaps between each step using glass to let in natural lighting. The design also keeps away the rain water from entering in. most of all, this house is as sturdy as can get, taken that its shape makes it immune to earthquakes, just like a pyramid.

    And then again, there are some fun possibilities of living in a house like this. Winters with snow would make this into a ski-resort of sorts! And imagine the fun you could have with a slinky with this house! Beware of peeking toms though, who’d just love the glass for their entertainment!

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