• Whaletale suitcase packs a deployable padded play area for your child!

  • Keeping kids entertained while travelling isn’t really easy and requires a lot of patience and essentially, a safe place to play. Now finding a hygienic spot for your toddler to crawl around while you wait for your flight isn’t really possible these days with airports being continually overcrowded and unclean. Keeping this in mind, designer Dave Kim came up with the Whaletale suitcase, a fabulous piece of luggage that sports a deployable play-area for your child! Also, the padded rug works as a place to seat yourself, using the suitcase as an unsturdy backrest. And that’s not all. Dave Kim has also come up with a way for Whaletale users to keep in touch with an application that enables you to connect with others using this suitcase around, allowing you to build a camp of sorts and share your travel experiences!


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