• Werm, The Rain Gutter Cleaner

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    It’s a man’s job and it’s a dirty one…cleaning the rain gutter. Unless you’re Greg Focker (Ben Stiller, Meet The Parents) who believes in setting the drain on fire, the Werm should be the option you take. Designed by Rob Luna, the device uses sensor technology to determine its positioning in the gutter. The flexible body allows it to navigate the tight corners of the drain. The durable rubber body sustains any damage due to wear and tear. The automatic spring loaded action catapults the system out of the drain once the job is done. It even hosts a reusable, expanding dirt bag that collects all the gooey grub!

    To work the Werm, you need to simply switch it on to activate the sensors and fling it to the roof in such away that the body land facing counter-clockwise to the drain. Once everything is in place, the device gets going, cleaning the gutter just as you would with your broom and hose. Just as the dirt bag gets full, the Germ catapults itself out of the gutter and onto the lawn, ready for some emptying and reloading.

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