• Unique way to make use of what’s available

  • There are times when space is less, or you are in the outdoors have very limited resources. Sometimes, it might just be for sake of creativity, but we humans, have learnt to adapt and make the most of what is available from our surroundings. Take for instance the Van Oud Hout built in bunk bed and nook. It makes great use of the wasted space in a vaulted children’s room. Or even the backyard playhouse in Sao Paolo, which is complete with a netted ladder to add to adventurous experiences of children.

    The Rubik’s cube themed cubby house is perfect to use for a vendor to express an artsy outlook. If you are outdoors during a storm you can gather a few pieces of bamboo and twigs, tie them up to create a skeleton structure of a hut, and then layer it with grass that is growing right there. The Living Tipi from Kevin Langan’s 100 Wild Huts is one such example. What do you do when you want to take your toys outdoors but still get away with any damage? You make a wooden block car and attach skateboarding wheels to it! There are ton of methods that you can think of to create something straight of your imagination.


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