• Trainwall- personal climbing wall

  • The main disadvantage of outdoor sports is that the sport becomes restricted as it depends on weather condition. It would be very convenient if we could carry out our outdoor sports activities in spaces such as houses, offices, schools with the sense of fun and competition. Trainwall by Yiğit Ulutaş Turkey is an extraordinary Trainwall. Amateur to professionals can use this sport device enabling climbling activities in any inner spaces. This device comes in a box and can be assembled by the user in any wall by bolts.
    Trainwall also includes route setting system which works on a simple software installed on a PC or mobile phone and firstl showing the combination of placement of holds.

    Climbers start climbing by sitting position, so that the proportions of Trainwall allows 4-10 moves to the climber to the top. There is horizontal bar and fingerboard attached on the top allowing another kind of training.


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