• The Walter Wayle Clock, a past shift from the ordinary

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    Wall clocks usually stick to the conformist circular or square shapes with the digits and hands. Some of them are designed to be a lot different though, so different, that you just probably won’t figure out they’re meant to be clocks at the first few looks. One of these clocks is the Walter Wayle Clock design by renowned watchmaker, Philippe Starck. Better known for designing half-a-million dollar Richard Mille watches, the designer created this one in 1989, which is now part of the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) Design Collection. The flipper type hands that also remotely remind us of a boat’s propellers, tell the hours and minutes in a subtle way. Designed for Alessi, the Walter Wayle Clock isn’t really a new design out there, taken that it’s a good two decades old. The effort and innovation put into creating this one speaks out loud though.

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