• The mouse that points the right way, Mus3 by Artemy Lebedev

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    You might have come across a load of mouse-pointer designs before. Most of those stick to the common rounded shape with a wheel, the two buttons and at times media keys. We came across a mouse that sure points the right way, the Mus3 computer mouse shaped like the cursor itself! Beautifully designed and ergonomic, this mouse keeps out the right click button, instead having the scroll wheel do the job. The left-click rests at the mouse’s tip. Designed by Artemy Lebedev, the Mus3 mouse also packs an LED indicator that lights up when the batteries are low and need replacement. Available in two colors, linen and anthracite, the mouse is comfortable to use and connects via USB.

    With a signal range of 2 meters frame speed of 76 centimeters (30 inches) per second, optical resolution of 688 dots per centimeter (1750 per inch) and an auto saving mode, the Mus3 mouse is indeed a well designed avant-garde computer peripheral.

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