• The waterproof iPod Nano watch The Proof from BoomBotix

  • Ever since the iPod Nano became available with a touchscreen, innovators have been taking the Nano and making some of the most intriguing technological designs based on a simple mp3 player. BoomBotix a San Francisco based startup is one of them. They have taken the Nano and converted it into a fine looking waterproof watch.

    Using durable polyurethane and coated with a thick silicone wrapping and the use of an ultra thin polycarbonate lens, the watch is well protected at depths of even 3 meters. The Proof as its called comes with three attachments that take the watch to a completely different level. The purple attachment offers complete isolation from the outside and you can use the watch underwater. The green adapter lets us use the auxiliary jack on the Nano; but the blue adapter, which is Bluetooth, enabled and you can completely forget using any sort of wired earplugs or headphones.

    Although details about when and where the watch would be available for sale haven’t been revealed yet, you can be assured that evolving technologies like The Proof will surely be available on a practical and commercial purpose, sooner than you can imagine.


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