• The Infinity Pleasure Pod -displays your experience of what you eat

  • Our environment can influence our experience of what we eat; but what if what we eat has the power to change our environment? This was the query investigated by Food architects and installation artists Bompas and Parr who designed Magnum Infinity Pleasure Pod, a recent project for icecream brand Magnum. After a research of six months they developed a pod where one could watch their biological reaction to the experience projected around them in a digital animation. The Infinity Pod figure outs reactions such as pulse, hearbeat, skin elasticity, skin tension, swallow reaction and basic facial expressions and turns them into code, which is examined and used to produce a digital artwork that is projected onto the interior of the pod in a shifting kaleidoscope of form and colour. Bompas feels that this pod which is the bio-responsive food installation, a pathway toward further exploration into food, perception and experience is a mirror of what u eat and gives you constant information that you can see on-screen.


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