• Swiss sheep can now SMS their owners of wolf attacks

  • Well not literally! The Swiss are researching into collars that can drive wolves away and at the same time automatically send owners an SMS about the attack. By tracking the heartbeat of the sheep, which rises during an impending assault, a collar around the sheep will trigger the procedure. A prototype collar will be ready by the autumn and testing will start in Switzerland and France in 2013.

    At a preliminary trial on a Swiss meadow, 10 sheep were fitted with these collars and two muzzled Wolfdogs were let loose. “It’s the first time that such a system has been tried outdoors,” said biologist Jean-Marc Landry, who took part in testing on a Swiss meadow this week. The device is aimed at owners of small flocks, who lack the funds to keep a sheepdog, and can also be used by tourists who aren’t really fond of guard dogs.


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