• Roman Colosseum Hot Tub lets your bathe imperial Roman-style!

  • Ever imagined yourself bathing in the Roman Colosseum? Well, this dream could soon be closer to reality with his fantastic hot tub deign. Now you probably wouldn’t be allowed to lay back amongst bubbles in the real Roman Colosseum with your rubber ducky for company. This bathtub designed to replicate the historical site however does bring you pretty close to the real thing. Designed by Daniel Incandela, the Roman Colosseum Hot Tub is perfect for those who’d prefer a bit of imperial Rome in their bathrooms. Chuck that rubber ducky away, and buy yourself a rubber lion and a bunch of gladiators too, for a Roman-style bathing experience.


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    • Gazelkster

       Dear BRAND + SOCIAL,
      I am a Film and book writer and just finished my first Novel and designing my book cover, which will then be sold on Amazon. 
      I am requesting as I have been on nearly every Photo site including the high profile BIGSTOCK to find and use a picture of the incredible Coliseum  hot- tub with the fighting arena filled with water and a beautiful lady relaxing inside.  I need a bird’s eye view to create a water as well as feature inside my hero and Wow! You have nearly all of that!
      I you would allow me to use your picture reff:
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      So i can remove the lady and place my main character, as I don’t have much money as this is my break out novel but… I will promise to mention your help and also link your site to my website and Amazon pages plus… send you a free copy?
      I know it is not much but… I would be entirely grateful… if you can help me?
      Kind Regards
      Warren G. Elkington

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