• Roll the iPod Nano Shuffle Dice to play your music out loud!

  • We’ve seen innumerable iPod docks ever since we can remember, and the novelty of it all still seems to never fade away! Take this one-of-a-kind iPod dock for example, built for the iPod Nano Shuffle. Called the Dice, this one integrates your iPod and plays your music out loud using a compact speaker. Sticking to the cube-shaped design of a dice, all you need to do to switch between songs is roll the Dice while the dock also makes sure you have access to the buttons on the iPod Nano Shuffle! With the design and conceptualization put into place by designer Marshall Dean, this splendid iPod Nano Shuffle Dice is bound to turn your music-playing time more entertaining than ever.


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    • Tadness

      I’ve always wanted an excuse to throw someone’s iPod.

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