• RiSR system uses network-connected sensors to help you push the awkwardness away!

  • There was a time when finishing schools were the best way to brush up your social skills and learn how to charm folk around you. Now, technology’s here to the rescue. This recent development called RiSR is in essence a wearable technology that helps you better your posture and kick the awkwardness away. Using a bunch of sensors hooked up to an infrared camera, this one uses vibration feedback to make the awkward few a bit more socially presentable. With “spot-on posture evaluations in every situation” on offer, the RiSR system keeps tabs on the user’s body language, and the body language of the person he or she is communicating with. Simple to use and understand, the RiSR system could soon turn charming-schools obsolete and transform into the next best way to make us all socially presentable.


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