• Ring alarm clock uses vibrations to greet you to a new day!

  • People have different waking hours, and being woken up hours before you need to, just because of your spouse’s early waking habits with that clanging alarm bell, can lead to tiffs and troubles! Designer Meng Fandi has come up with a great way to a sweet awakening for a couple asleep in a single room, with the Ring alarm clock. The clock uses two rings, each to be worn by a single user, programmed to the required waking time, and instead of chirping and giving out loud buzzing sounds when it’s time to wake up, the Ring simply begins to vibrate! The base unit lets you set the time for the two rings and also charges them up. The Ring concept also works great for the deaf and mute, and is an assured way to a happy awakening for both, you and your partner!

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    • Valikstar

      Good afternoon. I would advise you to do not just ring, and of such material to stretch it, thus you can wear like a finger, hand and foot. I think it’s not so hard to do, but it will be very convenient.

    • Its really something new & interesting.

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