• Pussycar Automodule: Jean Pierre Ponthieu vision of future

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    Designers are always said to have an eccentric side to them. One such designer known to display his eccentric side through his creations is Jean Pierre Ponthieu. Working in the field of advertising, this eccentric French genius created the unique Pussycar Automodule as a sort of promotional vehicle. Its unique design and features must have definitely made this vehicle the cynosure of all eyes in the 1970’s. Pussycar described the spherical Automodule as “The Car of the Year 2000” and its purpose: “In this world where everything is banal and ugly, we must know how to create the beautiful and unusual.” The unique car whose rear wheel is powered by a 250cc single cylinder engine can do wheelies! Definitely no speedster, this vehicle inches forward slowly and can also turns its wheels to drive sideways or rotate in place.

    This unique retro creation designed to be the vision of the future is definitely one unique creation.

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