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    The latest form of addiction to hit society is gadget-addiction. If its not the gaming console, then it’s the MP3 player or the mobile phone. Our lives are sort of entangled between these gadgets. The implications of our gadget-addiction become evident, when it becomes an extension of our personality. Designer Enrico Pandolfini feels that its time to put our lives in perspective and put the mobile phone on the pedestal it deserves: a simple functional device. He has based this pupa-shaped phone on three focal points. The first focus is on the looks, an appealing design. Then he shifts the light to simplifying the functions by proposing a user-friendly interface.

    The third and more important feature of the phone is that it can be customized to reflect your moods and needs. You can assign a “satisfaction index” for every phone number in your phonebook. Depending upon the grade you set, the phone rings reciprocal to it. For example, if its your partner calling, then the phone will play a happy tune when the call comes in, and if it’s the boss then probably a military tune will play. The ringtones are a simulation of the emotions of the device, says Enrico.
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