• Proinjector concept microwave oven projects images of your food being cooked

  • Having an open-plan kitchen that blends into your living space has its own benefits. For one, you can always hop to the refrigerator and pick yourself a beverage, without pulling your eyes off the TV screen. Now, designers Hwang Jungjoon and Lee Jaeryong have come up with a concept that lets you keep a wary eye on your food while it cooks, from a distance. Called the Proinjector concept, this one’s a microwave oven and a projector combined. The oven projects images of your food being cooked on a blank wall, enabling you to sit away, and catch a glance of it all when required. Also, this projector can be adjusted as per your wills and fancies, allowing you to tailor the projections as per the surface you intend to use it on.


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