• + Pool, the floating pool in the rivers surrounding New York City

  • Space crunches in crowded cities with buildings built shoulder to shoulder each other isn’t uncommon, which also means, open spaces to unwind are just as uncommon. Family and PlayLab has come up with a unique way to build up a large swimming pool in the city of New York, by simply using the water surface of the river as a build-area. Called the + Pool project, this floating swimming pool is designed to use water from the river, which is cleaned and filtered thoroughly before it accommodates visitors for a swim. New York summers can get blisteringly hot, and a pool as such is sure to cool the minds and bodies of New Yorkers. Using the walls of the pool as giant filters that cleanse the water before it diverts into the pool, the + Pool is divided into four sections, the Children’s Pool, the Sports Pool, the Lap Pool and the Lounge Pool. A perfect way to unwind in the City of New York, we can’t wait for this one to turn into a reality!


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