• Personal air transport made easier with the Scorpion Personal Helicopter

  • Soon, air travel could turn into a very personal affair. One will not need to travel with unwanted companions while flying, and for those who are looking for a solitary flight to their destinations, this concept could work amazingly well! Called the Scorpion Personal Helicopter, this model was built from foam-core, cardboard and tape to demonstrate the possibility of a personal air mobility vehicle. Designed by Griffin Mullins, the concept is designed for a single person and sports two rotors with spinning rotor housings for directions. Created in two weeks with Mullins and his team of seven, the Scorpion Personal Helicopter addresses the need for personal air transport exceptionally well.


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    • umm, yeah, it’s just a videogame chair.

    • Rufus63

      Uhm, no. Sorry. It does NOT address the need at all. What it does is offer one possible shape for something that might address the need at some time in the future……..if the weight of the pilot and cockpit doesn’t insist on tilting the whole thing forward all the time.

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