• Now, feed your fish with your smartphone!

  • An aquarium at home is never an eye-sore and one of these sure brightens up your living space, adding a touch of aesthetic beauty to your home. Looking at fish swimming about is a pleasing sight too; however things do get tedious when you’ve got to step away from home. Given the fact that fish need to be fed regularly, aquariums require a lot of care and maintenance.

    Designer Mark Sim based in Singapore addressed this issue with an automated fish-feeding device that hooks up to your smartphone. The system uses a phone application and a device with a camera that allows you to keep a watch on your gold-finned friends. Using a wireless IP camera, this fish feeder also sports customized feeding trays, enabling you to feed different fish with specific foods, all from your smartphone!


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    • Meet the Team


      Geetu Gupta

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