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    Apple+Mac+Mac World Expo…great timings, but worth the mention for designer Sait Alanyali! His creation, Mac Tower can easily cash in on the Apple hype that never seems to ebb. Feature wise, this is what the concept includes:
    – Quad-Core Processors
    – More slots for upgrading (2xPCI Express, 4xRAM, 3xSATA)
    – Built-in iPod Dock+Remote
    – Built-in Stereo Speakers
    – Power supply+Battery (During power failure, if Time Machine is used, it backs-up from the last one, then system hibernates, if Time Machine is not used, it directly hibernates, no works lost!)
    – The enclosure pops up with a locking mechanism, which gives access to the components and the rear I/O, the rear cables are tidied up by the enclosure automatically
    – All the internal components are vertically placed, one silent 12mm fan is used, better airflow.
    Catch the video after the jump.

    Mac Tower from Sait Alanyali on Vimeo.

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