• Lista Office colourful office pods resemble tetris cubes

  • Lista Office has been awarded a prestigious Red Dot design award for its Mindport interior furnishing system that overcomes the disadvantage of the open plan office which usually curbs privacy. These pods have around six designs ranging from the “Touch Down” unit, which is triangular and equates to three workstations, the LO Work
    Lounge is in the style of restaurant banquette seating for group discussions or even having lunch; “Think Tank,” is an enclosed cube for office meetings. Other workstations are designed for more public, collaborative group discussions and functional operations like printing, copying or storage. These workstations reminds one of the
    tetris cubes, and keeps outside noise down to a minimum. The Mindport would be great for providing a basic change to the dull traditionalism of thestandardized cubicles.


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