• Interestingly conceptualized bed for kids’ bedroom

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    Home Improvement and space designing can showcase even a common mans hidden talent very well. You are what your house or room looks like. With the concept of false ceiling, textured walls, wooden flooring, almost everyone can don the hat of a interior designer and decorate their room or home with ideas of their choice. Doing that is the simplest since all you have to do is think of what you like and then look for ways to execute the idea into a reality. But here is one bedroom, rather a bed that has been the most innovative bed I have ever seen. A fairytale, princess land, swan lake and Disney themes are very common now. But what is uncommon is this Jurassic themed bed that transforms the cozy bed into dangerously cute looking soft jaws of the dinosaur. I have fallen in love with this, and the lower jaw is hinged to a container that can store your kids toys and other things safely. So now you wont have to count sheep to try and get sleep, but think of ways to fight the dinosaur while you lie comfortable in its jaw all night!


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