• Infinitlar omni-wheel vehicle powers up with a solar reactor!

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    Four wheels? Nah! Two wheels, or maybe the South East Asian three wheels? Nope! What we’ve got here is a one-wheeled wonder of sorts, called the Infinitlar. While we can’t decide if this concept vehicle is a car or a bike or a unicycle or even a road-legal vehicle, this design by Jex Chau is an interesting way to introduce the world of gyroscopic technology to that of automotive design. Powered by a “solar reactor” in the center of the structure, the Infinitlar uses solar energy to generate hydrogen which in turn powers the onboard motor and electronics.

    The two omni-wheels work in tandem and enable exceptional maneuverability, while the modular interior is comfortable and has enough space to accommodate at least two people. The only factor keeping this concept off roads for now is the requirement of a more pocket-friendly solar reactor!



    [Via – Autoevolution]

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