• Gokey -Tuck your keys safely when you are on the run

  • Keys are always an issue to handle while you are running or playing some sports. One usually stuffs it in the socks or in the cushioned bra or ties it on the shoe. Francesca Passoni and Cristina Cook Chicago, industrial designers have come up with a cool simple solution: a wristband that exists solely to store a key Gokey. Its unique design lets you safely and comfortably carry your key while you are jogging, so you will be able to stop worrying and engage in your workout and finally embrace peace of mind. Made of sweat-proof silicone, Gokey secures a single key using the key itself as the locking mechanism. Slip the key in the slot, and the friction between the metal and the silicone creates a stable connection. For added security, the “go” logo doubles as a button.

    Cook and Passoni hope to raise $10,000 on Kickstarter to put Gokey into production. To preorder a bracelet, pledge $15. The campaign ends May 14.


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