• Futuristic Mobile homes target mass migration and stylish living

  • Mobile Homes are definitely not a new concept, but the rise in the endorsements of these homes in the market is something that is making us reflect on the increasing necessity for such type of homes. One of the primary reasons for this the threatening global warming in coastal areas and the other being mobility and convenience. Weburbanist has written about a dozen of svelte design concepts that have their own unique charm and utility. The Nice Architects has thought up of the Rolling Stone eco-capsule that sports a cute, cozy and environment friendly design. The Mehrzeller caravan that touts polygon exterior maximizes interior space while displaying an organic design that resembles natural mineral crystals. Ford’s Airstream concept that promises to let you live in the 2030’s is a futuristic design concept packing in eco friendly hybrid hydrogen fuel cell and silvery exterior.

    As for the rest, there is the Fold-Out Foldoub Trailer, 252˚ Living Area, Colim Modular Camper, the [email protected] XL, Car Trailers for Motorcycles, Sylvan Sport GO Trailer, the GMC Pad, Tumbleweed Homes and Capsule Caravan.


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    • Kelvin Coleman

       Whoa! If mobile homes were this cool, I’d stay cooped in all day. But when would it be available, and how much would it cost?  

    • These ingenious designs might change the pace of the automotive industry. The uniqueness of each design can definitely attract not just people who are longing for motorhomes, but also car enthusiasts. Those separated trailers pulled by sedans are quite attractive, and if those models come to fruition, our highways will get crammed by these and will look colorful like never before.

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