• ‘Forget-Me-not’ convenient umbrella

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    Imagine a rainy afternoon when you’re rushing past to reach the coffee shop to catch up with your friends, and you’ll chat and chat and then get up and leave when it’s evening. Everything goes well, except for the fact that you left your wet umbrella in the coffee shop itself. Now take a flashback into your life and think about all the pretty umbrellas you have ever left back at such common places. Now, this will not be a problem anymore, because with the ‘dangling umbrella’, you can conveniently dangle the umbrella to the edge of the table or a bar. The handle slides apart so that the cap can be slipped over the edge of a table or bar. When the cap is opened, it lights up with the words “Don’t forget.” Silicon on the underside of the cap helps it grip the surface. I think this is a very handy and useful thing, and I guess all umbrellas should have this mechanism too!

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