• Electorlux Design lab project C-Orby lets you listen to your food

  • Till date the only senses acting while interpreting food were smell, taste, sight, and touch. Now with Electrolux’s C-Orby “Composer Cooker”, you can listen to the food you are cooking in a unique musical and visual performance. The cooker’s Creation Algorithm creates the music. C-Orby uses its smell and flavor sensors to define what you put inside and considers every single ingredients as a different kind of tune data and these different tunes comes together in order to create unique songs and visualizations.

    We understand reality based on our 5 senses – smell, touch, hearing, sight, and taste. The whole concept is based on that fact that if understand reality based on our senses, what happens if we extend the senses. The Pokémon ball shaped cooker has speakers in built and smell and flavor senses. The cooker also uses Cloud System so you can make your friends, family, and closest ones listen to food that you are cooking.


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