• DTV Shredder makes a Segway look like a child’s toy

  • Science prodigy and genius Ben Gulak came under scanned when his design won the award for best marketable product at Intel’s International Science and Engineering Fair. He had created the Uno, a mix between the Segway and a motorcycle. However, to make it road safe, he would need almost a billion dollars, and the project never went into commercial production. Well guess what? The boy is back. And this time he has created an off roader!

    The Shredder as he calls it has been designed at his own engineering firm called BPG Werks, and basically takes the Segway design into the shop and converts it into a sexy and mean beast. This is an all-terrain vehicle with tank treads, a powerful motorcycle throttle, and the mobility of a skateboard. Having presold 4,000 of these already at a price of $4,000; Gulak promises to start delivering them by November with a sales target of 10,000 pieces. He is also in talks with the Department of Defense to see if they would be interested in using this Shredder for their off-road tenders.

    With a top speed of 30 mph and a turning radius of 3 feet, the Shredder could well be on its way to the X Games!


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