• Disney technologies will make plants into computers

  • Although it sounds bizarre, it is true. Researchers at Disney’s lab in Pittsburgh have created a non-invasive contraption that can judge physical effects on a plant and then convert it into an electrical signal that can trigger various applications on a computer. The concept is based on a quite obvious notion – plants, like all other living things harbor electrical properties.

    This technology with let humans interact with plants in ways never imagined before. Depending on the intensity of the touch and even the proximity of human beings different pulses are generated within the plants that are converted into a signal by the contraption developed by Disney. These pulses will then work with the computer and applications will receive their input.

    The Botanicus Interacticus, as its called, can be used for a wide range of functions. You can obviously use it to make plants function as musical instruments triggering sounds depending on the intensity and kind of interaction between the humans and the plant. A garden of these plants can be used as a security alarm that will initiate once there is an intruder. The same garden can be used in the daytime as a musical garden taken right out of Alice in Wonderland.


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