• Burt Rutan develops car-airplane hybrid

  • In the world of aviation, Burt Rutan is pretty much known for coming up with some wild designs for airplanes, unconventional, yet highly practical. Now, Rutan’s firm has designed a hybrid gasoline‐electric roadable aircraft called the Scaled Composites Model 367 or “BIPOD”. What separates this one from the rest is, well, just about everything, from its design, the way the seating pods are arranged and uses the principals of a flying-car of sorts, given the fact that this one uses a road-vehicle’s drivetrain. This one’s designed to work as both, a plane and a car, and when driven around, is capable of 200mph speeds and boasts a 700-mile range! Well we really don’t know how well this one catches on and if any of us could probably be driving downtown in one of these. The idea seems pretty feasible though!


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