• BioLogic PostPump 2.0, the portable bicycle-pump that doubles up as a bike-seat!

  • Riding a bicycle with nearly-deflated tires is just as bad as driving a coughing sputtering car running out of fuel. Recently, we came across this clever concept that allows you to quickly juice up your bicycles tires on the go. Called the BioLogic PostPump 2.0, this full-fledged bicycle pump is compact and is designed to slide into a bicycle’s seat post. A 2012 Red Dot Design Award winner, the top of the pump doubles up as a highly ergonomic and comfortable bicycle seat. Designed and sculpted into being by Philip Robinson, the pump comes with precision-machined aluminum fittings that in turn increase pressure and stroke volume. If manufactured, the BioLogic PostPump 2.0 could come with a price tag of $50.


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