• Asus NX90JQ-A1 media center laptop: Entertainment gets Big

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    For those interested in the “bigger” picture, Asus has one sweet deal for you. The Asus NX90JQ-A1 media center laptop is for all those who laugh at the new generation of small and compact notebooks. The ideal laptop for some entertainment, it weighs 9.4-pounds and features Bang & Olufsen speakers that stick out of its sides. The widescreen measures 18.4 inches and the highly reflective polished aluminum surface is to die for. Besides the gigantic screen, the other awesome features of this laptop include dual touchpads that work in tandem, i.e. you can be “mousing” with the left one while button-clicking with the right one. The laptop is expected to retail for a price of $2,530.

    PC Mag has a review of the NX90JQ-A1 that you must definitely check out. Just click here to see what they have to say.

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