• A kettle that can pour without having to lift it

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    No matter what innovations we come up with in simplest of everyday appliances and devices in life, we more often than not tend to ignore those who may not be able to use the product like the majority of the rest. The Rotary Kettle attempts to make an innovation with the functionality of the product. Basically catering to the people with impaired hand strength and control, all you need to do is rotate the kettle’s body to pour boiling hot water. The user only needs to grip the handle, and rotate the kettle in its base, to pour a cup of tea, whereas in all other existing tea kettle designs, much more effort is required from the user; where they have to bear the kettles’ weight when pouring. With its revolutionary user-centric design, the 1.2 liter stainless steel, this product definitely caters to a diverse audience.

    [student designawards]

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