• The Kangaroo bike sports a new riding position for more cargo space

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    Looking for a great way to head down to the grocery store and back home with your purchases, without having to resort to the services of your gas guzzler? The Kangaroo bike is the answer! A concept developed by Andrea Sangalli, Edoardo Ferrari and Riccardo Randi, the Kangaroo bike offers loads of cargo space and a completely different riding position, that’s said to be good for your spine.

    The bike’s modified riding position allows for the inclusion of a cargo accessory integrated in the bike’s frame. This can be filled with all your stuff, as per your need. Also, the Kangaroo bike uses pedals attached directly to the rear wheel, instead of a chain-pedal set up. The gears are included in the bike’s wheel hub. Easy to assemble with a possibility to be made available in a range of colors, the cheerful Kangaroo bike is a great way to travel around the neighborhood on your purchasing spree.










    [Via – Behance]

    Topics: Transport Tags: on May 18, 2013