• Student designs self-sustainable house boat for college project

  • Getting away from the urban reality of life is something every adventure junkie dreams of. If this getaway were to be on houseboat that was also self sustainable, how much excitement would that drive into the same adventure junkie? A student from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design has designed the boat and it explores the life of living away from civilization in house on a boat in the sea. The boat uses wind and solar energy and the boat has large solar panels and a retractable wind turbine.

    The turbine is used to power a desalinization unit that makes seawater potable for human use and it also allows constant supply of fresh water for the onboard garden. With global warming and melting glaciers, we could well be on the way to a Waterworld kind of life on earth where these kind of houses would be selling faster that pancakes.


    Topics: Transport Tags: , on August 31, 2012
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