• Peugeot’s three-wheeled Onyx Concept Scooter sports a plug-in hybrid drivetrain

  • It’s been a while since we’ve spotted an out-of-the-box scooter design. Most of these vehicles tend to follow conformist designs, though French car manufacturer Peugeot has decided to step away from the rest. The company’s latest, the Onyx Concept Scooter, is as unconventional as a scooter could get. With two wheels upfront and a single wheel behind, this scooter uses a plug-in hybrid drivetrain with a 400 cubic centimeter gasoline-burning engine and an electric motor. Shedding 60 horsepower and 42 lb-ft. of torque, the scooter’s rear wheel powers up to propel the vehicle forward. With a 93mph top speed, the Onyx Concept Scooter could very well be the future of urban travel.


    Topics: Transport Tags: on September 26, 2012
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