• Moonbike 2.0 offers urban commuters a cleaner way to travel

  • Most of the designs we’ve been coming across lately are urban-specific and seem to be built keeping city dwellers in mind. Here’s yet another one, this time a mode of transport that could turn life in cities healthier and more environment-friendly. By designer Ardhyaska Amy, the Moonbike 2.0 is in essence a bicycle that folds, enabling you to change your riding posture. The bike can be used as an upright bicycle or a more laid-back comfortable cruiser bicycle. With adjustable front forks and a total length of 2,000mm when expanded, the Moonbike 2.0 compresses to 1,600mm when squeezed in. a great design following the minimalist ideal, the Moonbike 2.0 seems to be a better way to commute than them gas guzzlers.


    Topics: Transport Tags: on March 22, 2012
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