• Lamborghini Egoista, the impractical yet extremely beautiful anniversary concept

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    Lamborghini has a way of shocking its fans with every release. The Italian supercar manufacturer recently unveiled yet another one of its jaw-dropping designs, a concept car built in celebration of the company’s 50th anniversary. Christened the Egoista, this car does seem to have an apt name and is an impractical yet highly drool-worthy ride, the type you’d buy posters of and plaster your walls with! Designed by Walter de Silva, the head designer of the Volkswagen group, this car is one-off and will never hit production lines.

    Sporting a carbon fiber and aluminum cockpit, the car is inspired completely by aviation technology and stealth fighter aircraft. Apart from that, the Egoista also has design influences borrowed from the Apache assault helicopter. A single-seater with a cockpit that can literally be ejected in case of an emergency, this car’s built for the likes of the Batman and isn’t just a conventional growling V10 beast.









    [Via – Designtaxi]

    Topics: Transport Tags: on May 17, 2013